Thursday, June 9, 2011

Movies Online Tamil:Ambuli 2012 First Look,Banner,Cast,Wallpaper,Still,Trailer,Release Date

Movies Online Tamil:Ambuli 2012

Ambuli 2012 Story : Ambuli which is being claimed as the 'first stereoscopic Tamil 3D thriller'. Actor Parthiban is all set to play the lead role in a film. Written and directed by Hari Shankar and Harish Narayanan, the duo which made 'Orr Iravu', a thriller that won critical acclaims last year, the shooting of 'Ambuli' starts from February 4.

Movie Name: Ambuli 2012

Genre: Thriller


Director: Harish Shankar, Harish Narayanan
Producer: Loganathan
Music Director: Venkat Prabu Shankar


  • Parthiban
  • Jayesh

Country: India

Language: Tamil

Release Date: 12 Nov 2012

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