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Foto Syur Debby Ayu di Pantai

Debby Ayu was born in Bandar Lampung, Indonesia, 7 August 1988. Her complete name is Debby Ayu Novitasari Agustine or known as Debby Ayu is the new rising star from Indonesia. She played 'KAWIN KONTRAK LAGI' now she comes back with the latest film 'MBA'.

Jumped into bawdy in some movies, make new artist Debby Ayu The Next dubbed as Sex Bomb. Unfortunately, Debby replied shyly.

After appearing in the film sensual and MBA Marriage Contract Again, this artist from Lampung grew bolder when playing in the film Pocong implant. Debby appear topless and only bercangcut ria in the horror film genre.

Debby looks more professional when ordered jumped into bed. She was not nervous when it highlighted a vital part of her camera.

Is has become a hobby of performing sexually arousing? "To me, the challenges do not have to (jumped) open-aperture. The role I'm here being a psycho," said Debby, who looked awkward when bombarded with questions about a fond look vulgar.

Debby Ayu

Debby Ayu

Debby Ayu

Debby in this film acts as a teaser female. This girl tries total in acting, so she was willing to remove her clothes for the sake of teasing a man.

"I honestly do not want to always be associated with this (always vulgar)," replied curtly.

After the film peluncurna Pocong implant, direct Debby ngacir home. Former top model Lampung was reluctant to answer, he the one who will become the Next Bomb Sex in the Country.

Debby Ayu

Debby Ayu

Debby Ayu

Indonesian film negative side is there are still many elements that appear in a sexy movie. Even for the movie 'implant Pocong', but for Debby Ayu herself did not really want to get naked always acting.

In the film director Findo Purwono plots, Debby Ayu role as Julie, a woman is a psychopath Rako affair. In the film he displays a lot of sexy pictures, even just wearing panties only.

Spoiler Bonus gan:) : 

Debby Ayu

Debby Ayu

Debby Ayu

Nevertheless, for Debby Ayu role in the film is a challenge. Because there she played the character of psychopath, while open-opening scene is something that can strengthen the characters.

"In this film gives a new challenge. Here I play Julie who has a psychopathic character. So not only open-open doang clothes, "she said in a press conference the film 'implant Pocong' in FX Plaza, Senayan, South Jakarta.

Not only that, Debby also admitted to doing such scenes in the film because her role as a woman's affair. So the scene is open only to strengthen the character of the affair.

"In this film I have not jumped into the affair, so I think the open scene like that to reinforce the element of cheating," she added.

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