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Foto Seksi Belahan Dada Alice Norin

Alice Norin SeksiAlice Norin Biography :
Full Name: Alice Norin
Nick Name: Alice Norin
Place / Date of birth:: Norway, June 21, 1987
Zodiac: Gemini
Nationality: Indonesia
Father's Name: Alfred Almendinga
Mother's Name: Sofie
Child to 1 of 3 brothers
Favorite colors: Red and black

Alice Norin Profile :
Alice Norin career in the entertainment world started since she was 13 years, starting from the world of modeling, Moslem woman who delivers her to the world of role. That is evidenced by her starring some of this soap opera by Alice Norin including Wulan, Princess Twin, Girls, She, Love SMU, Magic Friends, God is great. Dissatisfied den dgan soap opera world, Alice Norin also wishes to extend his career by playing a role in the world of horror film called psychopaths.

Alice Norin career in soap opera :
Wulan, Kasih, Diva, Teman Ajaib, Allah Maha Besar, Dia, Gadis, Putri Kembar, Cinta SMU, Teman Ajaib, Maha Kasih, Maha Cinta, Bunga Kasih Sayang

Alice Norin career in film:
Psychopath (2005), When Love glorifieth (2009), When Love glorifieth 2 (2009)

Alice Norin career as an advertising star:
Gerry (Romeo & Juliet), Starmild (Obsession Director), She, BCA, Viton, Hore

Alice Norin Hot

Alice Norin Hot

Alice Norin Hot

Alice Norin Hot

Tired of Being a player, Alice wanted to be in charge of the players which is to become a director, it was realized by working on a video clip entitled Rusty Guitar Night Out album at her husband's Repackage the DJ Riri Mestica.
In Priadinya Life is not like the artist - another artist, Alice Norin not spend time for many - years only to dating and repeatedly - change courtship. DJ Riri Alice married when she was barely 20 years old .. ugh .. waw bukan.akad married very young once performed at home alice in Numbers Cipete Friday 19 January 2007, and a reception that is combined with two Norwegians and Sundanese culture to be held in Pondok Indah Mosque.

Alice Norin Hot

Alice Norin Hot

If you follow the latest infotainment from this beautiful woman Alice Norin, must have known there was a problem household. Although the artist's home life with her husband's beautiful Alice Norin, DJ Riri Alice got in trouble due to infidelity, but in fact, Alice Norin's own admission, did not reject polygamy, provided with certain conditions.

Alice Norin said, when found at the Orphanage Assurur, Road HH, No. 63, Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta, Tuesday (16 / 6) "Polygamy is not forbidden, go ahead. But there should be a prerequisite, if I do polygamy, I would love the conditions, ie nobody can regulate me with what I have. That is until now the public does not understand, she should be able to ask for conditions. "

Alice Norin Hot

Alice Norin Hot

Alice Norin Hot

Although agreed to divorce with her husband, DJ Riri. Alice Norin claimed to still love Riri. According Riri is the best man who stopped in her life. But both have agreed to separate. "Now this man the most memorable in my heart, yes he is. After this moment, he is still the best man in my life, "says Alice Norin. Not only that both parties were mutually supportive family. The star is said Berstasbih When Love it, if menjada later, she will focus on career and take care of her father. "I want to focus on career and take care of her father and my family," she said. Even so, she never said sorry to build an ark with his household work as a DJ (disc jockey) that. Alice Norin regret the fact that divorce is in sight. "The days with Riri beautiful. I'm happy to be married to Riri. She has taught me about life, "she concluded.

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