Friday, June 10, 2011

Foto Hot Model Natalie Foxy Seksi di Majalah Popular Part 2

Natalie Foxy

Natalie Foxy

Natalie Foxy

Natalie Foxy

Chit chat with Natalie Foxy

"The first time knowing kisses 6th grade. I remember really happened behind the rest fit the laboratory. His kiss was not frenchkiss, but that just disosor same guy classmate friend me. I'm still amused wrote, belumtahu understand the meaning of a kiss "says Top Model Jakarta, 2006, the Princess of Tourism, and 10 HotBabes 2008.

However, on the other hand, Natalie Foxy does not deny that there are distinctive imaginations that during the time he fertilizer for making love affairs. Eiffel Tower and the mountain, is the location of his choice if one day he had found the man who could steal his heart.

Nathalie Foxy, 'CD' The Missing and 'Sexy Foxy'

Dismantle the story of the early career Nathalie Foxy, that they are able to make a surprise. All that has been achieved today, begins with a story of accident in a mall in the area Jakarta.Intinya, Lady Luck seemed to always side with the self-Nathalie Foxy. If then the unique story of his career continued to slide, it seems only natural. Nathalie Foxy is starting his model career from the bottom.

"What is the story early foray into the entertainment world?"

"Initially, after graduating from art college for 4 years in Japan, accidentally I again walk in the mall, I was offered the part of Jakarta Top Model. Indeed, from high school in Manado I've started to come-join various competitions models. Only, this time I'm focused college. "

"What made you interested in the world model?"

"The world is full of challenge models, glamorous and not as easy as people think. More risk. "


"When the show out of town, there is a request aja invites eat the same phone number. The risks are many, but for long accustomed. That part of the job with the risk that must be run. "

"There are other exciting stories?"

"I've lost all the bras and lingerie that I wear during the show. While my clothes are important, none is missing, you know. At that time there show which also featured the band's performance. Many people who came out into the room provided for supporting the event. Well, that comes out into the room, most guys and band members who joined the show ... ".

"Finally, your personal stuff back?"

"Nah. But there are some guys who are suspected, he ... he ... he ... Want to know who the suspect? One of the band who join the show! "


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