Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Upcoming Bollywood Movie Zindagi Live 2012 First Look,Banner, Cast, Wallpaper,Still,Release Date

Upcoming Bollywood MovieZindagi Live 2012

Movie Name: Zindagi Live 2012

The Story: Zindagi Live is based on the true facts and incidents. The film is about such suffering where the patient is suffering from a painful and non curable genetic condition where there is pain and only pain nothing but unbearable pain.

As the patient could not bear the pain he requests for euthanasia. It is a situation where if the patient dies there will be a trouble if he stays it will be double.

Genre: Social


Director: Madhusudan Reddy

Producer: Ambi Reddy

Music Director: Sridhar Rahul Bhat


Milind Gunaji

Anupama Varma

Ragini Khanna

Language: Hindi

Country: India

Release Date: July 2012

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